The Faroe Islands for all – society is humanity

The Social Democratic Party of the Faroe Islands is a party that is based on the three important fundamental values: liberty, equality and fraternity. The Social Democratic Party wishes for a safe and righteous society and a fair world without poverty. A world with peace and environmental balance built on sustainable growth. A world where mankind lives with freedom and equal rights and has decisive influence on its own conceivable connections.

We wish and will work for:

Freedom from poverty and oppression. Freedom to develop creative abilities and opportunities for each and every one in society.

Freedom confirms people’s right to live, function and be different.

Freedom is to create oneself a good life based on own assumptions and abilities. But freedom is only real if it is for everyone.

Equal rights for all so that everyone has the same opportunities and obligations no matter ones social or ethnic origin, gender, religion or other convictions of life.

Equality is the acknowledgement that all people have the same value.

Fraternity is joint liability for all citizens, with people all over the world and among all generations.

Humans in society create the good society. Society is a condition of freedom. That is why the Social Democratic Party’s idea is to work for a society where there is room for everyone.

We will create the opportunity for freedom and equality for all through fraternity. That is fraternity which guarantees that we care for each other, stand together and value each individual and by that the special in each person.

The Social Democratic ideal in the future

The Social Democratic ideal has had many victories. Fraternity has given a majority of the population better conditions of life, increased welfare and many different kinds of opportunities to develop. In a modern welfare society fraternity means that the majority shall be included in guaranteeing everyone the same access to the increased welfare. Everyone, who is well of in society, should show fraternity to those who are worse off. This is because we want a society with social equilibrium. A society where everyone has equal opportunities and all human assets can bloom.

The Social Democratic Party wants the fundamental ideal in people to be fraternity. This is because it builds on co-operation between humans as the best tool for continuously developing a society where everyone has equal opportunities.

The main conditions in development of a modern society are equality, social security and work- and educational opportunities for all.

For the Social Democratic Party, welfare implies that everyone is valued in society and that everyone has access to the labor market and basic welfare systems.

A strong and responsible labor market

A safe and well developed welfare society that gives each and everyone the opportunity to educate and develop themselves, and by that guarantee society a stabile, well educated and enterprising workforce is one of the condition for a strong business community.

The Social Democratic Party supports a strong business community based on sustainability, which is the base of a good welfare society. The business community should know its responsibility towards people working in the industry, society, natural resources and the environment.

One condition of a well functioning society is sex equality on the labor market and in the family. That is why a modern family policy shall guarantee that the family has the opportunity to unite work life and family life. It must be a self-evident right for both parents to have the opportunity to guarantee their children a good start on life.


In the future, the Faroe Islands shall be among the best welfare societies in the world. We shall accept challenges and opportunities in globalization while stimulating and taking care of our own identity and our own national characteristic in the global society.

The Social Democratic Party wants to guarantee that the advantages in globalization shall benefit all of society. The Faroe Islands shall develop as a knowledgeable society. In order for this to succeed all assets of the Faroese people must have the opportunity to bloom.


Globalization is a challenge in democracy. Growing communication on all areas with the outside world sets high demands for our social system. The Social Democratic Party wants to strengthen the constitutional state and develop democracy in all societal affairs.

A productive democracy with freedom and equality for each and every one in a fraternized society – that is the rule of conduct for the Social Democratic Party of the Faroe Islands.